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News from the Development Team: Presenting the Exhibits with the new Interactive Map of v-Corfu

The Interactive Map is designed with the aim of getting to know and interacting with a series of points of cultural, historical, architectural or other interest in Corfu, which are integrated as Exhibits with highly immersive viewing capabilities within the Virtual Exhibition Site of v-Corfu. Learn more about the main Exhibits through the new v-Corfu Interactive Map.

Interactive Map with Points of Interest (POIs) regarding the Exhibits of v-Corfu

By clicking on the relevant pins one can see the name of the POI, information about the Exhibit, and related photos. For more information, a link is provided to the point’s corresponding page in the Digital Interactive Book with more information and interaction with the point.

Tapping on the button in the upper left corner of the map also allows the visitor to intelligently view and filter the points by category or topic.

The Map is expected to accommodate more POIs as we enter the final phase of development of the Virtual Exhibition Site, providing full connectivity with the Digital Interactive Book and the rest of the collections. Until then, check out some screenshots of the Interactive Map below, which you can already visit here.

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