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Corfu Virtual Exhibition Site

in the Tourism, Culture and Environment Sectors


The v-Corfu project focuses on highlighting the cultural and natural wealth of Corfu using Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies through interactive multimodal content that includes videos, photos, three-dimensional (3D) modeling, audio content and informative text. The result is the creation of applications accessible via the internet as well as the support of actions to communicate the results to the society.


A series of specially designed applications frame the concept of v-Corfu. The Virtual Exhibition Space application allows browsing the 3D space of the Old Municipal Theater of Corfu, which is transformed through the application into an exhibition space. The digital interactive book offers text, images and interactive 3D models that can be transported into your space with augmented reality. Also mini games offer the joy of discovery and learning to young and old.


The actions of the v-Corfu Project move in two parallel axes, the axis of research and development which continuously expands the functions and content of the applications and the axis of the actions of promotion and distribution of the results to the society. The axis of development feeds society with access to information and new digital experiences, and the axis of projection returns to the first axis feedback for conducting research and continuous development of services. Our actions include the possibility of public visits to the facilities of the Ionian University and visits of the project team to stakeholders for information.


The Virtual Exhibition Site utilizes the latest audiovisual technologies to provide an optimal interaction experience for all user groups.

  • Remote Access

    Access from any device using the Internet

  • Mobile-Friendly

    Mobile device support for convenient navigation

  • VR/AR Ready

    Navigation with Virtual and Augmented Reality applications

  • Cross Browser

    Compatibility with all known browsers

  • Accessible

    Accessibility tools and features readily available

  • Rich Content

    Rich multimedia and multimodal interactive content

  • User-Friendly

    User-friendly interface design for an entertaining interaction

  • Multilingual

    Content available in Greek and English


Virtual Exhibition

Visit the Virtual Exhibition now through your browser. Upon entering the application, select your language and follow the navigation instructions.



Since 2020, the research team of the project has been producing consistent publications disseminating the results, participating in international scientific conferences and submitting articles to peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Recent Activity

Submission of v-Corfu article to the proceedings of the 5th CAA-GR Conference 2024 with the general theme "Transforming Heritage Research in a Transforming World", Serres, Greece, April 16-17, 2024



Virtual Exhibition

Allows navigation in the 3D space of the Old Municipal Theater of Corfu, which is transformed through the application into a virtual exhibition site.

Digital Interactive Book

It incorporates text, multimedia and interactive 3D models that are transported into your personal space with augmented reality and 3D printing capabilities.

Mini Games

They offer the joy of discovery and learning to young and old directly through the v-Corfu website.


Latest News



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Φωτογραφικό Υλικό

Βιβλιοθήκη Βίντεο


Download the application

Download the trial version of the app for Android mobile devices.

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