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Application for Virtual Reality Equipment

With the application for virtual reality (VR) equipment you can enjoy the high immersion offered by the 3D projection and the freedom of movement in the 3D space.

A prerequisite is that you must have the appropriate hardware and a compatible PC to support this type of equipment (VR ready). 

Instructions for the Oculus Series Equipment

  1. Download and install the virtual reality application designed for use with special equipment (VR headsets: Oculus, HTC, etc.).
  2. Download the special connection software for connecting your Oculus device to your PC and install it.
  3. Execute the software.
  4. Activate the link function (Link) from the virtual reality headset. You can use the wired method or the wireless (Air Link) method.
  5. Run the v-Corfu app you installed in step 1.
  6. You can use the controllers to navigate:
    • with the joystick of the left controller you can move freely in the space, while
    • the right joystick can be used to pan, change viewing angle, and teleport.

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