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News from the Design Team

Our design team decided to use the 3D model of the Old Municipal Theater of Corfu as the space that will host the virtual exhibition. Previous studies1 resulted in the creation of the first 3D representation of the damaged building which will be used as a basis for the Virtual Exhibition Site of the v-Corfu project.

Old Municipal Theater of Corfu. 3D representation.

The central area of the Theater is going to host the main exhibits which will be 3D representations of selected buildings and monuments that will be used as 3D mockup models to inform the visitors. Also, other areas such as the entrance will be used to host digital booths promoting other projects, actions or artists.

  1. A. Tsipis, “Representation of the Old Municipal Theater of Corfu in a Virtual World”, MSc Thesis, Department of Informatics, Faculty of Information Science and Informatics, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece, 2017.

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